Sympathy For Juana In John Steinbeck's The Pearl

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Sympathy In literature, there is usually a character that readers tend to identify with. Whether the novel took place decades ago, or decades into the future, this reader has always been able find a character to sympathize for. In John Steinbeck’s 1947 parable The Pearl, Juana is sympathized for, as she is a mother and wife with little power. In the myth of Oedipus Rex, he inevitably commits crimes he does his best to avoid. In The Age Of Miracles, a novel set in the future, Julia is deprived of an ideal relationship with the people who matter to her most, and therefore is sympathized for. Juana is written about as the pillar of strength in her small family in Steinbeck’s parable. She is often sympathized for throughout the novel, as she…show more content…
Growing up is hard on its own, and Julia had to do it while dealing with things that most other girl do not usually have to at her age. Readers can sympathize for Julia and the inevitable misfortunes that have come her way. Her best friend in the whole world, Hanna, moved to Utah and returned with no interest in Julia. Now, it is as if Hanna and Julia never even had a history of being as close as sisters. Anybody who has lost a best friend like Hanna can understand how heart breaking it was for Julia. Surely, losing a best friend is tough enough, but imagine losing the image of a perfect family shortly after. Through the part of her curtains, Julia watches as her dad kisses and embraces another woman and is left emotionally scarred. Family is very important to the majority of people around the world. Seeing a loved turn their back on the family is undoubtedly painful. To top things off, Julia’s new relationship with Seth, the boy she’s had her eye on, is over faster than the daylight hours are increasing. After a sunny evening together, Seth becomes extremely ill and is taken to Mexico by his father, disappearing from Julia’s life forever. With three relationships that hold great value in Julia’s heart all taking a turn for the worst, readers cannot help but sympathize for

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