How Did Charles Lindbergh Influence Aviation

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Charles Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh was an aviator, and a pioneer in the history of aviation. In 1927 he was the first man to successfully attempt a solo nonstop flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Charles was able to do this by using a special aircraft called the Spirit of St. Louis made by Ryan Aircraft Company. Charles’ flight left New York the morning of May 20 1927, after thirty-three hours and a half Charles landed in Paris where people welcomed him. This flight had a huge impact in the aviation world, and in Charles’s world in many ways. Also Charles played a role in WWII, at first Charles was agents the war same as his father’s policy. However after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor his opinion towards the war have changed. He took a job where he was a consulted on bomber plains and flew fifty missions. After the war Charles went back to work as a consultant fro Pan America where he improved commercial aviation and his help in making military policies. Charles Lindbergh went to the University of Wisconsin in…show more content…
After the tragic incident the press harassed Charles and his wife where it pushed the couple to go live in England. While they were in England Charles saw how Europe was going into war with the Germans. Charles’ view toward the war was the same as his father. Charles believed that the Americans should not take part in this war. Also he was worried how under prepared the British, French and Russian air force was compeered to the Germans. However after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor his view changed. He went to work for Ford Motor Company as a consultant on the bomber planes. And in 1944 Charles flew fifty combat missions in the South Pacific. After the war Charles remained a consultant for Pan America where he improved commercial aviation. He also helped in making military policies toward the soviet during the cold

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