Who Is Chris Matthews's Hardball?

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Chris Matthews, a man who was active in politics all his life wrote a book called Hardball. In this book, Matthews explains several strategies that he believes should be used to become a good politician. There are many times the right thing to do is actually the wrong thing in the world of politics. For example, one of Matthews strategies is its better to receive than to give. As children we were always taught that it was the opposite. Hardball is a book that tells politicians how to get ahead in politics and how to avoid disaster techniques some politicians have previously used. It was Lyndon B. Johnson’s first night at the Dodge. He was on a mission, there were seventy-five other congressional secretaries also boarding at the Dodge. Johnson he did something odd but smart. Johnson took four showers. The next morning he brushed his teeth four times with five minute intervals in between. His plan was to meet as many people as possible. Johnson is a retailer, which means he is good a winning people over by learning about them personally. He wisely used the strategy “its not who you know its who you get to know.” When going to the bathroom four times at night and four times in the morning Johnson meet and talked to several politicians but also…show more content…
Towards the end of his presentation he stood silent for a moment. He looked around at everyone at the convention and even the people at home. He told then that he was throwing away he script. Reagan told the crowd that he had thought of something not written on the script. He proceeded to tell them that he was afraid, but more afraid not to suggest what he was going to suggest (221). Reagan asked for a moment of silent for the medieval military expedition he was about to began. Reagan effectively used “positioning”, he always made his speeches seem unscripted when they were scripted. He knew what his people wanted which made him successful in

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