Good Vs. Evil In Asperger's 'Thrillers'

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In a futuristic society, a teenager with Asperger’s learns his true supernatural identity and he must save his sister and best friend from being turned into robots. STORY COMMENTS WORLDS APART is a science fiction, action thriller that offers a visionary and cautionary future world. The world is divided by socio-economic classes, which foreshadows what our current day world could eventually evolve into. There are some vivid visual images. Some of these visual sequences translate well to the big screen. The universal theme of good vs. evil is prevalent. There are some smart story choices, especially giving the protagonist, Jeeter, Asperger’s (vs. Aspbergers?). The idea that he discovers that he has a twin sister is a nice turn of events. This is the inciting event that drives the hero. While…show more content…
While there are strengths to the presentation, the script would benefit from more development. The story opens with an imaginative, yet confusing, fantasy sequence that frames the backstory and sets the tone. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy sequence to visualize. Remember, the audience has no way to know that the mass is “Badidee” or that he’s the God of the First Cosmos. They can only see what’s on the screen, as they do not read the descriptions. The audience won’t know that a similar “shade” is the mass’s daughter, Monatu. Badidee gives a warning, “Beware of those from the other side. They are coming,” but the audience doesn’t know what this means, and even by the end of the story, the audience still isn’t sure what this means. Again, the descriptions need to be more visual or verbal, as there’s no way for the audience to understand that the Wonitals live on the east side and the Avanauts live on the west side. While the first act sets up the world and the core characters, there are so many characters that it becomes difficult to track. Moreover, the opening doesn’t immediately hook the

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