Stereotypes In Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

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In Sherman Alexie’s short story Superman and Me, he showed several examples of wanting to help anybody who was willing to listen. He wanted people to break down the doors of expectations in their way. Unfortunately, many people in today’s society unconsciously allow stereotypes to alter the way they act and view themselves. Several times throughout Superman and Me, Sherman Alexie says, “I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky.” Sherman Alexie believed in breaking away from the expectations of his people. He wanted to be successful and share it with others. There are many people today that are beginning to do what Sherman Alexie has done, but many still don’t see that they can create better for themselves. Alexie grew…show more content…
They don’t show their true selves. Sherman wrote, “The pages of their notebooks are empty. They carry neither pencil nor pen. The stare out the window. They refuse and resist.” No matter how hard he tries, some children in the back of the class refuse to listen. Unfortunately, the students in the back of the class have let the stereotypes change them, and they no longer care enough to even look to the front of the room. Stereotypes have changed the personalities of many people. After being criticized and bullied for not being what everyone else expects them to be, people stop trying. Some people even believe that they don’t need to do anything, because everybody has low expectations about them. Another line that was in Superman and Me was, “I throw my weight against their locked doors. The door holds.” Persistence was something Sherman Alexie was good at. He tried his very best to enlighten children about the wonders of breaking free and having an education, but the expectations to be like everyone else overcomes them. The “doors” that Sherman was referring to was their minds. Children become so stubborn to new ideas after so long of hearing and seeing the same things. They begin acting as though school does not matter, they do not pay

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