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We were not perfect, but we had no jails, we had no taxes…no wine and no beer, no old peoples’ homes, no children’s aid society, we had no crisis centres. We had a philosophy of life based on the Creator. We had our humanity.”( ) The First Nations have always prospered in their way of life, never questioning it, until western civilization decided to conform everyone into what they believe is right. The First Nations way of life is being free, one with nature etc. However, so much of their culture is lost as accounts of the past have striped them and forced the people to change their ideologies and beliefs. The discrimination and mistreatment of indigenous people has occurred for a long time, discrediting the culture and spirituality of the…show more content…
First, Sophie is unable to speak proper English because it is not her language, however, she is forced to speak it to conform to societal norms. For example, her broken English is clear as she says “ Me Sophie Frank. Everybody know me” (Carr, ). It is clear when she says this that she struggles speaking English and is forced to sell her baskets and be able to make friends like em’ly. Through the characterization of Sophie it makes her seem uneducated and ignorant just by her incapability to speak full English sentences. Carr does this to show how many natives are viewed and stereotyped because they are forced to conform. This is true with many immigrants coming to Canada, who are just learning to speak English are sometimes judged and seen as annoying. This truly opens the minds of the reader to realizing how western ideas have strong roots, in automatically viewing Sophie as a ignorant character. The natives’ culture is destroyed when the basis of it, being their language, is not respected. Moreover, Sophie is even afraid to speak English with her husband because she is fearful of sounding less than smart. This is clear when Em’ly asks why she is quiet around Frank she replies, “Frank he learn school English. Me, no. Frank laugh my English words” (Carr, ). This fear of having someone mock her is so fearful

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