Something Broken Alternate Ending

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Something Broken Another failed day. Another night of staring at the mirror, hating her Reflection. Another sleepless night, full of tears and bruises. Jogging in place, she saw her Fat jiggle. The streams cascading down her cheeks became Waterfalls. Death would be better than this, she knew. Just when her Frustrations felt like they would overwhelm her, she felt a - *Snap!* ... Was that the beginning Or the end? She wasn’t sure, but neither choice felt quite right. It was almost a metamorphosis. But, to accurately tell her story, one must know How it all started. A young girl, playful and carefree. She was still innocent, still unaware Of how the world saw her. It ended too soon. She was five the first time she heard someone call her “FAT.” What was wrong with being a little bigger than others? Apparently, everything. She remembers her father, zipping her coat. He said, “You keep getting…show more content…
But her eyes spoke more. To anyone else, they seemed to be pure bliss, those of a happy-go-lucky teenager. Other people wouldn't have seen worries. But they held Pain. A pain no one should ever know. And Noella had to live in it, every day of her life. Lindsey had one goal. I will save my best friend. Had they not found each other, they both would have succumbed to the loathing. But these are stories Lindsey keeps locked away. Stories of her best times. And stories of her worst. Months were lost, but memories were Gained. Suffice it to say, she’s still here. Not the person she used to be, but the shell of one she was. It doesn’t get easier. The movies will tell you lies. “You just have to Believe.” What they don’t say is that believing is impossible when you gave up long ago. But Lindsey smiles. She laughs. She feels true happiness. She understands how much she’s lost, but she can’t fathom everything that she’s gained. Though she herself has become less, her life means more. Because just because there’s Something Broken, that doesn’t mean It all has to

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