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Donna Williams “Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism” was issued in 1994. Donna tells her life during and following the publication of her 1st book “Nobody Nowhere”. “Somebody Somewhere” is a continuation of her journey through her battle with autism since her diagnosis 4 years prior to the writing of this book. It is a self-described biography about her personal struggle with autism. Throughout “Somebody Somewhere’ Donna is struggling with the publication of her first book “Nobody Nowhere”. She seems to be feeling both fear and liberation by her decision to publish her book. The book contains in depth information into her spirit and her disability. Intimate things she is unsure she wants to share with the world. The lone…show more content…
She desires to be Donna. She wants to form meaningful relationships with people. Real relationships based on masses that know the real her and not her wonderful impersonations of others she has employed in the past. Apparently she was quite successful. She fights through to not just hear people, but to listen. She fights to not only listen, but to understand. Donna forms many great relationships in her endeavor. Dr. Marek, her psychiatrist, and his wife became like family to her. She had dinner with them and formed comfort in their presence. She too saw the Millers. She had lived in a cottage on their property while attending her teaching courses. They assisted her in seeing the process of her book being printed. They also helped her interpret a bunch of her troubles. They taught her emotions and what each means. The Millers and Donna became like family. She finally gathered in person with 2 other autistic people she had been pen pals with. One was named Kathy and the other Jim. Donna loved being with them. They had all roomed together at Kathy’s place for 3 days and Donna described it as one of the best times of her life. She met another Individual named Oliver while staying at a hotel in the UK during her book promoting. She suffered a great sense that Oliver was like her. She asked him some questions to substantiate. They discovered that they had a lot in common. Oliver had created a character…show more content…
I noticed something was different with him as early as infancy. He was a very colicky baby with many digestive troubles. He could never sit still when someone held him. He would always be kicking his legs or flapping his arms. At 18 months he began throwing very violent and aggressive tantrums. Sometimes they would be entirely out of the blue, me not knowing why he was crying uncontrollably. He would hit me, bite me, kick me, and throw things all while screaming uncontrollably. He was really active and could barely sit still. He would cover his ears with his hands. His language was held up and did not start speaking in sentences until he was 4 and even then it was really basic and he could not participate in any comprehensive conversation. He would even use baby talk from time to time. Although, his language has improved he still fights with all of these matters today. The fits have become less frequent and when they do arise I feel I have become better at bringing him to calm down quicker. He is very easily tempted by his equals and never fully understands when I strain to explain things like you cannot always trust what people say or you do not have to do what other kids tell you to do if you do not require. He always feels obligated to believe in them. It is like he does not fully comprehend that yet though some kids look nice they may have other purposes. He is oblivious to being teased. He never

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