Molar Volume Lab

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UDEC 2224 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II NAME YONG ZHI RHEN NAME OF GROUP MEMBERS TEH HOOI SAN, TEO SEE ZHENG STUDENT ID 1307297 NO. OF EXPERIMENT EXP 2 TITLE OF EXPERIMENT PARTIAL MOLOL VOLUME DATE OF EXPERIMENT 30/6/2015 PRACTICAL GROUP P2 LECTURER Dr. ONG SIEW TENG Title: Partial molar volume Objective: To determine the partial molal volumes of ethanol and water at a given composition by the method of intercepts. Introduction: In this experiment, we are going to use pycnometer to measure the weight of different percentage of alcohol to find out the partial molar volume of ethanol and water. Pycnometer is used because it is a glass flask that has a close-fitting ground glass stopper with a capillary hole through it. This fine hole allows…show more content…
Firstly, safety goggles and lab coat must be worn throughout the experiment to avoid any chemicals direct contact with any part of the body. Gentle care must be taken when handling pycnometer because it is expensive and fragile. The pycnometer must be empty and dry of the outside before the initial weighing because the initial weight was very important and will affect the result of experiment if the pycnometer was not dry. Moreover, we must ensure no bubbles appear in the bulb or capillary of the pycnometer when it is full and no air space at the top of the capillary. Conclusion: Partial molal volumes of ethanol and water at a given composition were determined by the method of intercepts. Partial molar volume of water and ethanol obtained are 19.8 cm3mol-1 and 50.6 cm3mol-1 respectively based on the graph plotted. References: Determination of Partial Molal Volume. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed 14 July 2015]. Experiment 5- Determination of Partial Molal Quantities.[Online]. Available at: [Accessed 15 July 2015]. Partial Molar Properties of Solutions. [Online]. Available at: . [Accessed 15 July 2015]. Department of Chemical Science. 2015. UDEC 2224 Physical Chemistry II handbook and lab manual. University Tunku Abdul
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