Lord Of The Flies Jack Monologue Analysis

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After Jack’s first unsuccessful encounter with the pig where he didn’t manage to cut the pig’s throat, he hunts for another pig only to examine that the pigs don’t smell him but rather they see him. Jack resolves the problem by disguising his face with a red and black charcoal clay mask to camouflage with the surrounding. In addition, the mask is not only used for blending in with surroundings but as an excuse for violence and dictatorship over the other boys. Golding uses Jack’s first mask to represent his desire for power which influences his savagery self to unleash. Jack calls himself an “awesome stranger” when he takes a glimpse of his reflection in the water. To paraphrase, the quote states that he is an impressive, daunting unknown person. The denotation…show more content…
Thus he believes that the mask will gain him major respect. His longing yearning for respect from his associates displays his desire for power. Jack’s desire for power starts influence his savagery. The mask to Jack is his view on power. The mask would give him permission to become violent because he lost his civil identity. Jack doesn’t notice but the mask “appalls” the others. Golding states that when the boys sees the mask upon Jack's face, it grabs their attention and it “appalls” them. When the boys feel “appalled” of what Jack has become after putting on the mask, it shows a negative connotation. The denotation of “appall” is “to cause (someone) to feel fear, shock, or disgust” (Merriam Webster). The boys felt “appalled” and are in dismay when they see the new intimidating Jack. The mask gives Jack a negative trait to his new personality and it changes his behavior towards the situation to become less cowardice. Consequently, the mask causes the littluns to fear him. It makes him feel like he is in control of the situation, that he has the

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