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The blazing sun gleams down onto the field as the player winds his arms before stepping onto the trapezoidal mat. Small rocks lay there which have crept its way on from the surrounding gravel. Ignoring the feeling of the rocks as it grazes on the bottom of his shoes, he lifts the disc up to his shoulders. He breathes in, focuses his eyes on the basket hundreds of feet away, feels the direction of the wind, takes one step ahead, and thrust the disc forward. It glides through the air, and when it reaches its zenith, it rapidly descends at almost vertical stance; inching its way to the basket. The dangling chains rattle when the disc makes contact. Cheers erupt around the player as the disc tumbles into the basket. This is disc golf. Although disc golf is not a well-known sport, it is an ever-increasing force that is joining people together all around the city of Lawrenceville and around the world. On Saturday, Alexander Park in Lawrenceville is filled with different groups of disc golf players. They are dispersed across 18 courses offered at the park. The majority are white middle-age, semi-fit men, who spend their mornings playing the sport. They display baseball caps to block the sun from their eyes which is useful when they calculating at what height to throw the disc. On them is a t-shirt and shorts which are…show more content…
Disc golf is similar to regular golf, but instead of getting a ball through a hole, a special Frisbee or disc is supposed to land in a basket in the least amount of tries (Paterno). In 2005, there were over 1,500 courses in the U.S and has continued to grow every year (McKibben). In Georgia, there is close to 100 different parks that offer these disk golf courses (“Disc Courses in Georgia”). It is because it is a spot for all ages and it is easy to learn, but not necessarily to

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