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A Letter Can’t Tell a Story Margaret Atwood once wrote a letter to America. She wrote of glorious times of her memory, she recalled when America was great in her mind. She pleaded with our country to get back to what she remembered as Americas glory days. Atwood’s letter is a very interesting, and motivational read, but I question whether this letter can tell the whole story. Everyone in this world will recall times from when they were younger and many of us feel that these times were the good ole’ days. When I think about my childhood and the way things were compared to how they are now I think it was better, but was it? Sure life might have been much simpler with less hustle and bustle; but does that automatically crown these times of the past as better? Many advances have been made from the time I was a kid until now. Technology for one thing is a major advance that has taken place over the years. The technology present today is…show more content…
I do think that our country has leaned too much on foreign goods, and that has hurt our economy as well as the thought of America as a place of success. The small business owner cannot compete with the low labor cost abroad. If this country would place more emphasis on the origin of the goods they buy, rather than the cost I think it would help us in the long run. Atwood writes something similar when she says “When the Jolly Green Giant goes on a rampage, many lesser plants and animals get trampled underfoot” (144). She is basically saying that we have become too dependent on the big business, while the little guy struggles, and this I have to agree with her on. While I agree with the way she is putting this I also question the things she recalls when she was younger. Is America greedier now than they were in the past? How did we get to this point? If you were to ask Atwood I’m sure she would say we are worse now than then, but that thought still leaves me

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