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Volcanology Volcanology is the study of volcanoes and how they affect our environment. The predictions that volcanologists make save many lives. They collect products such as Ash, Rocks, and lava samples. Volcanoes can be dangerous to earth and we need to handle them carefully. Hot, Ash, Lava, and Mud can bury or burn people and building’s near the volcano. Many people think volcanology is just looking at volcanoes and collecting data, but it is far more than that. This following essay is about Volcanic eruptions, The types of volcanoes, where they form, how scientist’s study these volcanoes and the education required to become a volcanologist. Volcanology can be broken into four major groups of study. Physical Volcanologist, Geophysicist,…show more content…
Some types of volcano like the one mentioned are easy to recognize and some are not. Some examples are Mount Fujiyama, St. Helens, and Vesuvius. These volcanoes are more than ten thousand miles high and and go hundreds of miles wide. These volcanoes are called composite volcanoes. Another easily recognized volcano is a “Cinder Cone.” These volcanoes are loose, have a Cinder top and have only a little lava. They are only about a few miles wide and thousand feet high they have steep slides and a small crater at the top. The third volcano is a “Shield Volcano.” This type of volcano can go hundreds of miles across and ten thousands feet high. The islands in hawaii are home to this type of volcanoes ("USGS…”…show more content…
They measure the seismic activities underground. Earthquakes are a early warning that something is going on underground. The Rumbling can be difficult to understand but when an earthquake keeps happening at the same place it might result to an eruption. Scientists set up tiltmeters that can detect the changes in the volcano’s surface. Before an eruption the magma start to bump as it comes near the surface. A thermal imaging camera on a airplane can take a picture of hot spots to study the changes of the temperatures. Scientists also study the past eruptions about a volcano and predict the future eruption. A volcanologist first job is to always look around. Nothing is collected until they have made a full exploration around the volcanic activity. While exploring they may use tools like notebooks to record data and draw sketches, laptops and camera’s. The predictions of volcanic eruptions are difficult because they can be the difference between life and death. Great predictions requires monitoring and exploring the volcano and gather all of the information together

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