Walter Loves Harlem Chapter 1 Summary

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In Chapter one “roots,” It talked about Walters’s lifestyle etc. Walter has three sisters Gertrude, Ethel, And Imogene. He also has step siblings which are named Greroldine and Viola along with his brother George. Walters’s father’s first wife is named Florence Dean which is his adoptive mother which he thinks of as his mom. His dad found a permanent job as a janitor as said on page 6 “…Found a permanent job as a janitor.” Walter loves Harlem. In chapter two “Harlem.” It states that about Walter thinks about Harlem on page 7, “Harlem is a magical place, alive with music that spilled onto the busy from tenement windows and full of colors and smells that filled my senses and made my heart beat faster.” Walter loved church. Walters would follow

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