Suburban Education Vs Urban Education Essay

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What I know and what I have to share, is simply based on my own personal experience and observations of the world today. The knowledge I have about today’s school system may not be the same as that of an authority on this subject, but it is valid all the same due to my involvement with the school system as a student. Worldly knowledge and education are among the greatest means for success in today’s society. The school system supplies this wealth of knowledge. America is said to be the “land of dreams”, a supposed egalitarian society that provides equal opportunity for all. But this does not stand true with the current inequities in education. Suburban education is like a new, luxury car that still holds its fresh “new car smell”. While urban education is…show more content…
I wish to emphasize that this difference needs to be removed to attain prosperity. People who share similar economic and social standings tend to live in the same areas and attend the same schools. But as a result, the students and teachers that attend and work in these suburban and urban schools are all very similar, allowing for little diversity of race, ideas, and experiences. On account of these facts, as a general statement, suburban schools have become predominately white, and urban schools have become predominantly black. If this racial divide continues to work together with the socioeconomic divide, then the unequal balance in the two school systems will continue. It should not be that integration in schools should be so close to impossible. With the majority of wealth in suburban schools, there is more money per each individual which is generally put towards education. This money can be put towards education since the infrastructure is generally taken care of through government funding. The attendees of urban schools, on the other hand, often lack these

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