Social Darwinism And Social Darwinism

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SOCIAL DARWINISM Social Darwinism is a theory that competition between all individuals, groups, nations or ideas drives social evolution in human societies. In it's simplest form, in a socity strong will survive and weak perish.Individual compete naturally and the incompetent lose and the strong win. It basically supports the idea of individual responsibility. Individual leads to competetion which further leads to betterment of the sociaty. HISTORY AND ORIGIN : The term social darwinism was first coined in 1887, by herbert spencer when he introduced his theory of “survival of fittest” and then term was popularized in 1944 by the American historian Richard Hofstadter.He mostly borrowed his work from darwin's work on natural selection. During…show more content…
This was the age of 14 hour days for workers, with no pensions, healthcare or education. In no sense could the competition for positions be called fair, as the children of the rich inherited their wealth, giving them an immense advantage, regardless of whatever ability they might possess. 19th century colonial expansion brought Europeans into contact with many societies based on much lower technology. In Africa, the local population was first harvested for slaves, and then conquered. In America, the inhabitants were almost exterminated. In the 20th century, the Nazis carried this perverse racial Darwinism to its logical end, when they declared that the Aryans were the master race, with all others destined to be enslaved or destroyed Darwinism’s impact on religion can be summarized by saying that it undermined religious beliefs, and was one of the major influences in encouraging agnosticism. Its naturalistic structure opposed the teleological basis of Christianity and other religions. CRITIQUE…show more content…
The ideology talks about equality among everyone, the opportunity should be equally distributed but when the ideology had emerged it was very sustainable because at that time capitalism was spreading its feather and resources were being accumulated in few hands, this has lead to mass migration in search of their survival need. Poor people exploited and being used as a commodity. Their human value has been destroyed no one heeding to them and a new ruling class has emerged who were ruliing working class by taking extra work and giving them only subsistence. Bentham and Mill thought that many of these institution needed reform because they failed to promote the human welfare. That time the cultural political agenda was extending the vote to man who didn't own property. The assumption was that society was simply a collection of separate individuals operating in their individual self-interest and government action or interference constituted a disservice to these individuals and should be rejected on scientific

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