Catholic Social Darwinism Essay

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Social Darwinism is the belief or theory that people are closely related to the same laws of natural science as plants and animals. The Catholic Social Doctrine is the body developed by the Catholic Church that serves on matters of social justice, involving issues of poverty and wealth, economics, social organization and the role of the state. The two different teachings or ‘beliefs’ have different interpretations and meaning to all different types of people. Obviously a person could tell just by a general overview of the definition of each belief, scientifically interested people stick to the theory of Social Darwinism and religious people stick to the theory of Catholic Social Doctrine. The reason the beliefs have been bounced around so…show more content…
The belief that our world is in competition with each other for social status has been around since the beginning of time and some historical scientists even question what the beliefs of the first human beings were because we have no records of it. There are obviously biblical records of Adam and Eve being the first human beings to ever roam the earth after God created it; but the story also tells that Adam and Eve disobeyed what God had told them. Religious historians do not believe that the Catholic Social Doctrine has always been an existing thing because it is a fact that this belief developed over time. ‘For a century Roman Catholic Social Doctrine was largely ignored in areas regarding economic and social justice. Most economists, government policy-makers and business executives paid very little attention to the ideas and kept on with their work.’ (Denis Goulet). In present day society, religious philosophers believe there has been a role reversal almost in a sense that people then were all for Social Darwinism and in present day people have started to focus more on the idea that religious teachings should play a role in all areas of the world and in the governing bodies and the way people

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