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Pearl Harbor was an incredible movie that was released on March 25, 2001 and will forever change the way you look or think about those who serve and and fight for our country. Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett play two young pilots who prove to be very brave, tough and inspiring. Film critics rate this movie PG-13 because of the huge surprise attack that shows war violence and death plus a second storyline of a love story. Pearl Harbor was an unforgettable day in history where America was forced into World War II. The movie, Pearl Harbor, represents a realistic visual of how ugly war really is, how thousands of American soldiers and civilians died and the personal courage of two heroic pilots. The movie Pearl Harbor takes place in O’ahu, Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is the body of water that holds most of the Pacific Naval fleet. The movie is about the start of World War II and romance between friends.…show more content…
Early that Sunday morning, a Japanese fleet of over 300 fighter planes came to destroy the United States Battleship row in Pearl Harbor. Just moments before the attack, radar showed many planes coming in low and fast but it was misread by Army people, so there was no warning. While our soldiers slept, the sneak attack began with a torpedo being dropped into the water and sinking the USS Arizona representing half the casualties of the 2,350 sailors, marines and civilians killed that day. The two main characters, Rafe and Danny, were incredible with their quick thinking and reacting to the attack. They both jumped into Danny’s car and drove about 10 minutes away to a secret military base. Once they got to the base, the two friends plus a few other soldiers hid behind multiple bags of dirt and were successful hiding from the Japanese sworming over them. Once the Japanese flew by, Rafe and Danny both sprinted to their planes and immediately lifted off into the sky and fought

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