Six Gurus Of Quality Management

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This chapter started with the introduction of the project work, which contains an overview of the quality improvement concept. Company profile is discussed in order to increase knowledge over the quality control process. Then the identification of the quality related problem which is to be solved and methodology discussed to find the effectiveness of using Six Sigma in the project. At the end purpose and limitations of the thesis work are discussed. 1.1 Development of Quality Engineering: In today’s very big competitive world business-groups can stand and stay in the competition market only with the help of quality improvement as the tool in their hand. Globalization in world brought very strong competition environment among the several business…show more content…
In 1924 he developed statistical control chart theory with control limits and causes of variation in product/process. He invented the PDSAcycle for the Process control in the organization. EDWARDS DEMING.W: He taught statistical process control methods and the importance of various quality control techniques to the emerging CEO’s of Japanese industry during the period between1946-1949. Deming influence the Japanese quality improvement systems and which results Japan became one of economic super power because of the standards of high quality of their products/service. Deming’s 14 points for quality improvement are well received by many organizations all over the world, and as a result of this he became one of the important quality…show more content…
Six Sigma program are spread in to manufacturing, services, and various sectors in a short period of time. No other quality control improvement philosophy has this amount much impact as like that. Variation reduction is the final goal of any quality improvement approach. Business groups are using quality control as a strategy to increase their market share in the course of large competition and globalization in the world. Japanese quality revolution is greatly inspired by Juran and Deming engaged in the development of quality improvement tools. One of the very important continuous improvement tool used by several organizations throughout the world is TQM (Total Quality Management). TQM has a large success because of its aim on customer satisfaction as an ultimate goal. During the year 1990’s the business organization has the gateway to another quality improvement programmed called Six Sigma. Six Sigma bring attention by many top corporations in the world because of large success at Motorola, Allied Signal and many other companies. Six Sigma program was discovered by Motorola in the year 1980’s. Many other companies use Six Sigma by giving lot of importance to them. There is evidence linking to better organizational performance. Six Sigma programs are implemented primarily through various projects that stated a common methodology. Six Sigma projects are

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