Technological Factors: Technology Evolution In The Fashion Industry

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Technological factors: technology evolution has always been a significant factor that influences the method in which activities (production, supply and delivering) are conducted within the clothing industry. For instance, developed nations like the United Kingdom, Italy and France compare to developing nations where manual labor is intense with poor Internet facilities, the improvement of communication technology and the emergence of the Internet have significantly influenced the flow of information from customers to retailers on the latest design and brand in vogue. Consequently, it has enabled all the companies involved to be quick in response to the latest market requirement (Gockeln, 2014). Similarly, it has also enabled easy interaction and transfer of knowledge between retailers, wholesalers and manufacturer and simultaneously enhanced more efficient distribution and communication channels (Bruce, Daly & Towers, 2004). Apart from that, its emergence has helped to create low-cost advertisement and marketing channels through a social media platform, which made it easier for customers to compare products and purchase conveniently…show more content…
As a result, the fashion firms or retailers with luxury products may also be stuck with a huge inventory, and may be forced to sell at a lower price. Apparently, the reflection can also be seen from the continuous declining in the share of TCL consumption, whereby between 2000 and 2005 the total consumer expenditures declined from 5.2% to 4.7%; (UK 5.2% to 4.2, Italy 7.0% to 6.1% and % France 4.4% to 4.0% respectively) in the clothing industry (see table

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