Chief Little Crow Uprising

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In the conflict between the Native Americans and United States government, the Indians were irrevocably justified in everything they did to defend themselves. The whites started settling in Dakota and disregarded the fact that there were people who lived there before them; the Indians. The United States government wanted the Indians' land but the Indians wanted fair treatment. Treaties were signed between the Natives and U.S government and the reservation system was implemented. The United States used their army to enforce their policies leaving the Natives with little choice but to yield. The Natives finally rebelled when treaties were violated. This up rise that came about because of the Federal Government's dishonesty would set about events…show more content…
The uprising happened because of how the United States government had treated the Dakota people. In 1851 and 1858 the Dakota and Federal government signed two treaties. The 1851 treaty left the Dakota on a small reservation and promised 3 million dollars in gold. The 1858 treaty promised 30 cents per acre for the lost territory and now left the Dakota on half the land they were on. After the U.S government had gotten the Indians' land they ignored the promises they had made, leaving the Dakota with a small piece of land, and none of their promised money. The Dakota had no choice but to do something that would make the Federal government understand that the Dakota did exist and that they could not simply disregard them. An up rise that ended in the death of 350 white settlers with their homes and stores burned down was the Dakota's answer. This revolt of 1862 by the Dakota resulted in further conflicts with the United States…show more content…
In 1890 there was a man who claimed to have encountered the Messiah and was told that the Messiah was coming back because he pitied the Indians. The tribes who were desperate and at their wits end believed that the Messiah was coming to rid their land of the whites and put everything back to the way it used to be before the whites presence. The tribes adapted the Ghost Dance believing it would hasten the coming of the Messiah. To the Indians, Sitting Bull was a symbols of the old ways of life. The government feared that there would be an uprising with Sitting Bull as the leader so they decided to arrest him which ended in his death. Sitting Bull's death wasn't enough to appease the government's fears; they still believed that the Indians religion, the Ghost Dance, could result in a revolt. The government would only be satisfied only when the Indians stopped practice their new religion. Soldiers were sent to stop any continual practice of the Ghost Dance which resulted in the Wounded Knee tragedy. The government had finally crippled the Native

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