Sit-In Address Vs Bitch Manifesto

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The 1960’s was a decade of great social reform, from civil rights for African Americans to a second wave of feminism. The population’s explosion of a middle class filled with young people that readily challenged the standards of the American society the previous generations obeyed by, brought the chaos necessary to create an opening to experience a social reform that represented changes in regards to education, gender equality, and the morale of the military. The young adults of American population recognized several issues in their society that deal with education, gender, and the war. Mario Savio’s speech “Sit-in Address” publically recognized that the important issue during this decade is the violation of student rights at the hands of the administration of the University of California, Berkley, they limited the students’ right of freedom of political speech and restricted them from creating and funding political organizations that were affiliated with a third political. Joreen’s…show more content…
Both “Sit-in Address” and the “Bitch Manifesto” shows the call for non-violent protest to persuade people to make a social changes. However’ Savio’s protest method of doing sit-ins on campus differs from Joreens method of taking back the word “bitch” from men. Both of these method bring their issues to the public light and force them to make social reforms by making them uncomfortable. The riot of the Chicago Convention of 1968 showed more of the radical tactics used for protest during the 60’s to sparked anger and fear from American to get the government’s attention and make a change in how the United States gets involved in other countries’ affairs. Many of the tactics used to solve the social issues of the 60’s depended mainly on who was the targeted people need to influence to create change in our

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