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Jehovah’s Witnesses are and were a group of Christians who were oppressed and persecuted during the Holocaust and World War II. They were characterized by a purple triangular badge. They were one of the main victims of the Nazi era, though there were countless others as well. Their diverse faith made them targets of persecution for various reasons. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Christian denomination who believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son. God is referred to as “Jehovah”, a name that is defined dictionarily as “a form of the Hebrew name of God used in some translations of the Bible”(Google Dictionary), and to them is the personal name of God. They believe that once someone dies, they “...pass out of existence” and “do not suffer in a fiery hell of…show more content…
Helene was born on December 31, 1896, and lived most of her life in western Germany. She lived a life centered around the Jehovah’s Witness religion with her husband and children. Her life was changed considerably when “Helene’s husband was arrested in 1936. After searching her house, the Gestapo arrested her in 1937; she was beaten with rods and lost her unborn baby. The court gave her an 18-monthsentence”( Then, after a short period of reunion with her husband, they both were arrested because of their open show of faith to the religion claimed to be against the Nazis. Helene’s traumatic life ended when she and others were caught “illegally holding Bible meetings and undermining the nation's morale”( and afterwards sentenced to death. She was beheaded. Helene Gotthold was just one of the many people who were martyred for their faith. She stands as a symbol of courage and bravery today, as a human being who faced unimaginable horrors just because of the hate of

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