Argumentative Essay On Manifest Destiny

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In the mid-1800s there was a strong belief that America needed to advance westward and expand its borders. Manifest Destiny was the term coined by journalist John L. Sullivan to describe this fervent yearning American citizens had to spread out. A yearning that was motivated by the popular opinion of the time was that it was only natural for America to gain more territory in places such as Texas and other regions found near the Pacific Ocean. Those who pushed for expansion put emphasizes on spreading freedom and ridding the rest of the New World from the toxicity of monarchies. Another expansionist and tried to make the movement to the west seem like a holy mission and used God words to persuade people to accept manifest destiny. Though not everyone believed there was good intention behind manifest destiny and some figured it was just ploy to create more slave states. While all these are valid explanation for the…show more content…
A majority of expansionist did believe manifest destiny was about freedom because to them preserving America agriculture was the only way to keep democracy alive. They followed the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and believed that urbanized only lead to class wars and other damaging societal issues. Factories were seen as a cancer slowly destroying the values American was built on until “the United States [sinks] to the level of Britain” (Boyer et al, 2011, p.389), which to most expansionist was a country that ran on greed and grief. It is no surprise that expansionist saw banking and high tariff as the biggest enemy to agriculture. Expansionist saw banks and high tariffs as supports of factories, and in a new territory there would be fewer banks and lower tariffs. Also to expansionist spreading out meant more land, which would hopefully inspire more people to take up farming (Boyer et al,

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