Troy Vs Aeneid

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No one likes to lose and no one will admit complete loss. There are always two sides to a story and sometimes storytellers tell what they want you to hear, not what actually happened. Even ancient heros spice up and leave out details in their stories. Aeneas recalls his story of the fall of Troy, but he tells the events with different details than told by the Greeks. Virgil uses Aeneas’ version of the fall of Troy to paint the Trojans in a sympathetic light. You need to introduce what you’re going to talk about. In the Aeneid, Aeneas says the Trojans knew the horse was a bad sign and didn’t want to bring it into Troy. In Carthage, Aeneas tells Queen Dido the story of the fall of Troy. He tells her of the massive wooden horse that sits on the shore, left behind by the fleeing Greeks. Immediately, the Trojans have bad feelings about this Greek horse. Aeneas recalls, “Capys opposed him; so did the wiser heads: ‘Into the sea with it,’ they said, ‘or burn it, build up a bonfire under it, this is a trick of the Greeks, a gift no one can trust, or cut it open, search the hollow belly!’”( Aeneid 49-53). Many times the Trojans express their distrust of the giant wooden creature. One Trojan speaks out, “Some crookedness is in this…show more content…
At the end of his story, Aeneas tells Dido, “This fraud Sinon, his accomplished lying, won us over; a tall tale and fake tears had captured us, whom neither Diomedes nor Larisaean Achilles overpowered, nor ten long years, nor all their thousand ships.”( Aeneid 260-265) Aeneas wants Dido to believe the Trojans are compassionate but also strong. He wants her to know that the Trojans would have won the war, but they trusted an enemy with a moving story. Not only is Aeneas making the Trojans look like good people, he is convincing everyone that the Trojans are tough people who fought in a ten year long war and would have

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