Similarities Between Casas And Indians

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Casas, Andrew Jackson, and Helen Jackson all believed that the whites and Indians need to be separated. They all believed the Indians were a weaker and pitied race. They still felt that the Indians should not be murdered. Andrew Jackson thought that the relocating the Indians is equally beneficial to the whites and Indians. Casas and Helen never stated in his assessment how to stop the murders, but they still wanted them stopped. Bartoleme de Las Casas made the point that millions of Indians were being cruelly murdered by the Spanish. Casas was very upset by the horrible way that sure a peaceful kind type of people was being so poorly treated. He talks about the Indians like they are children. He says how they are poor, weak, simple minded, and easily persuaded. He does this to show that the Indians are not evil or deserving of being slaughtered. Casas even brings religion into his assessment by saying that the Indians are dyeing before being converted. He talks about how the Spanish culture normally will spare women and children from such murder but the Spanish will take the children for their mothers arms and murder them. Casas assessment like the other three articles message is that something needs to change.…show more content…
Jackson showed his pleasure that the Indian’s were being relocated. He says that this way the Indians can be way from whites settlers and the amount of conflict will go down. He back sayings his pleasure by saying that the Indians are happy with the arrangement and that they should be. Jackson made this point by saying that we are happy for our children to leave our land and find others. So should the Indians not be upset to leave their fathers graves and find new lands. Jackson unlike Casas article has a solution for the crimes committed on the

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