Simon Lord Of The Flies Morality Essay

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Simon’s Morality Lord of The Flies is a dystopian novel by William Golding about a group of young British schoolboys who have crash landed onto a deserted tropical island while evacuating Britain during World War Two. The longer the boys are on this island, the more savagely they get. There is one boy, Simon, who is unlike the others. Simon acts like a Christ figure in their society by being very loyal to his friends, insightful, and always being kind to the children. One of Simon's noteworthy traits is his loyalty. Simon is the only boy in the novel who is always trying to help. This is clear when Ralph is trying to build shelters. “All day i've been working with Simon. No one else. They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing” (Golding 50). While the other boys are off playing and the hunters are trying to get meat, Simon sticks with Ralph. Simon always sticks by the side of his friends, just like Jesus always stuck by the side of his disciples.…show more content…
Throughout the whole novel, nothing seems to get past him. He can easily figure things out to the point of being prophetic. Simon’s insight first becomes evident when at one of the assemblies he implies “Maybe there is a beast. Maybe it's only us” (Golding 80). He realises that the beast is not a physical creature, but something that lives in each of the boys. Simon shows lots of logic and deep thoughts. “Simon, walking in front of Ralph, felt a flicker of incredulity—a beast with claws that scratched, that sat on a mountain-top, that left no tracks and yet was not fast enough to catch Samneric. However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human, at once heroic and sick” (Golding 140). Everyone else on the island is so blinded by their fear that they are not thinking clearly. Simon is putting together everything he knows about the beast and he knows that what everyone is thinking doesn’t make

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