Rat Terrier Research Paper

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RAT TERRIER ORIGIN AND HISTORY The Rat terrier is an American breed, developed in the nineteenth century by immigrants to serve as a vermin catcher and hunting terrier. The Smooth Fox terrier, English White, Manchester and Bull terriers contributed to the breed. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the breed was a very popular farm dog and received additional modification that resulted in the breed we know today. In Kansas and the plains states, rabbits were causing great crop destruction so the Rat terrier was crossed with Whippets to improve their coursing ability. In the south, the breed was crossed with the Beagle to enhance their nose and pack drive. These additions resulted in a terrier type dog without the extreme terrier temperament as well as their good hunting ability. Rat terriers have the ability to hunt vermin above or below ground and also excel AKC for illustration only DO NOT USE in lure coursing. The breed has always had a loyal following with Theodore Roosevelt being one of their fans. The Rat terrier was recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 1999 and admitted to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Foundation Stock Service (FSS) in 2004. The Rat terrier was admitted to the AKC Terrier group on June 23, 2013 as the AKC’s 178th breed. 1 DESCRIPTION The Rat terrier is a small to medium sized…show more content…
Pied is a combination of one or more colors with white. Acceptable colors are: black, chocolate, red, apricot, fawn, blue, tan, lemon or white. White must be included as part of any coat pattern with a spot that exceeds one inch in width on some part of the body. Ideally, 10 to 90% of the body color should be white. Tan points are common; ticking and sabling are acceptable. Brindle and merle colors are a disqualification. The Rat terrier has often been confused with the American Hairless terrier but is a different breed. Total genetic hairlessness is a disqualification.

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