Similarities Between Macbeth And Banquo

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Macbeth and Banquo both were honorable, impressive and loyal warriors in King Duncan’s army making them exceptionally alike in many ways. Both of these courageous and determined men were worthy captains that have helped defeat the invading forces. Although these then fairly similar, there are a bit of significant differences that immensely demarcate these men. Some of which include the fact that Banquo has a son, meaning he is responsible for something and has someone to care for, leaving him concerned for not only his benefit, but his sons as well. Contrary to the fact that Banquo has an attachment for another, along with no power-hungry wife, and skepticism of the witches’ prophecy, Macbeth has no children and his wife encourages and promotes him to be even more infatuated with the prophecy, which he undoubtedly believes is legitimate, fueling him to be even more persistent in fulfilling his urge to make the prophecy…show more content…
The two men were each curious of the prophecy, but Macbeth’s desire for the prophecy causes him to be motivated by self-interest, differentiating him from being as level-headed as the family man that Banquo is, and makes him loose himself in the hopes of the prophecy becoming reality. Macbeth doesn’t question the witches veracity like Banquo does “if you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear your favours nor your hate.” Instead, his evil ambition leads him to be fascinated to pursue the prophecy, even commanding the witches to “tell me more.”, and acted irrationally out of selfishness to ensure it will come to be. However, Banquo was able to distinguish the witches’ evil plans and recognized them to be evil and cunning where Macbeth fails to. Macbeth even kills the King Duncan, but Banquo still remains loyal regardless of his suspicions and his sense of

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