Lymphatic Filariasis Informative Speech

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We live in a world where anything is possible. We are surrounded by parasites, microorganisms, and viruses all around us on a daily basis and people don’t even think about it. Today I will be discussing a parasitic infection known as elephantitis , in a brief description of it causes enlargement of the arms, legs, and genitals to a very abnormal size. It is a very serious disease that can be easily spread a little easier than you would assume. Today I will be breaking down and explaining the disease known as elephantitis let me begin. To begin the disease itself is caused by a worm, which can be carried from human to human through a female mosquito. The parasite gets put into the body when the mosquito goes for a blood meal and this is why it is easily spreadable. The…show more content…
What happens is the thickening of the subcutaneous and skin tissues which gives this swollen look. The condition itself is also called lymphatic filariasis. The fact that it is a parasite that can spread from human to human by just a bug shows the seriousness of this disease. Most people when they see a mosquito do not even think anything of it but it takes just one bite and next thing you know the parasite is injected in to you. Speaking of the parasites that cause this disease go by the names of bancrofti, brugia malayi, and brugia timori.. The parasite itself is mostly located in the regions of India, Africa, and South Asia. The disease as of right now is affecting more than 120 million people, with 40 million affected by a severe form of the disease. The heaviest cases are found in India where a lot of the cases goes untreated. When it goes untreated the parasites grows within the body causing the limbs to begin to enlarge and giving it that appearance of a elephants legs. It will keep growing until it gets to large for the person to function and they will begin to lose mobility and the

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