Similarities Between Heart Of Darkness And Apocalypse Now

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Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad, and Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Coppola, both parallel the prejudice and imperialistic nature of two separate eras. While Conrad’s deals with European imperialism in Africa during the late 1800’s and Coppola’s is set in mid-war Vietnam, both mirror their creators’ feelings and Coppola’s modernized version retains some of the key ideas and themes that Conrad addresses in his nineteenth century masterpiece. Looking specifically at the scene where Marlow/Willard enter Kurtz’s camp, both works convey the idea that during times of war, danger, and strife, those being affected will look for anything to be the much needed beacon of hope to take them out of the poisonous environment and to free them…show more content…
Kurtz is a teacher to the natives, like a father figure. “These are all his children, man, as far as the eye can see. Hell, man, out here we are all his children" and Kurtz has a large family. As Willard, Chef, and Lance enter Kurtz’s domain, Coppola gives us a view from behind where Willard sits so the audience can see the full wall of people that part to let their boat through into the inner “harbor”. After they pass the wall, Coppola uses several wide shots to show the expansive environment the boat has just entered and all of Kurtz’s native followers perched awaiting the boat’s every move. Coppola’s angled shot allow for a better understanding of how extensive Kurtz’s sphere of influence is. Kurtz has a demeaning presence to others. The American photojournalist feels small and insignificant in comparison to a "great man" like Kurtz. “I’m a little man, I’m a little man. He’s a great man." As the American photojournalist is saying these lines, Coppola cuts to Willard’s unbelieving face thus portraying the photojournalist’s unwavering adoration for Kurtz as childlike and misplaced. Coppola's emphasis of the big and small details shows his ability to draw an audience's attention to the most important parts of a

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