Target Of Satire Examples

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tandards Target of satire Examples of sitires and characters Satirical devices and Conclusions Storyline: The movie is based on two friends Harold from Korean origin and Kumar from Indian origin who set out for Amsterdam for some purposes. While on the flight, they were smoking weed using a strange looking device and when caught by other passenger, they were instantly taken for terrorists due to their ethnicity who were trying to blow up the plane with the bomb they were carrying. They were arrested by the homeland security agency for investigation led by Secretary Fox. They were denied any trial or their rights and were sent to the Guantanamo Bay prison. But they managed to escape from there. They were branded as fugitives and were hunted…show more content…
The guard at the airport asked Kumar to step aside even though he didn’t beep but Harold and others were not asked. However Kumar used imposed racism on him as means in to escape the security check. This shows two faces of Racism. Other instances of racism are Secretary Fox pouring grape juice in front of the black. Terrorism Audience of satire: Intended audience: The movie was based on mainly racism and also the situation in USA post 9/11 where a number of people of foreign original were illegally detained by the federal agency of USA. So the ‘intended audience’ of the movie were the Americans the government of USA and also the minority
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