Similarities Between Beowulf And The Wife's Lament

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In the excerpt about Unferth from Beowulf and the poem “The Wife’s Lament”, both have a similar theme of anger and betrayal. But these two stories also have different areas of action; between women and warriors. To begin, Unferth begins to say unpleasant words about Beowulf. Unferth expresses his feelings through jealousy and anger, he asserts, “No one neither friend nor foe, could keep you from your sad journey, when you swam out to sea, clasped in you arms the water-streams...” (Beowulf 460). Clearly Unferth is bitter and jealous of Beowulf, because of the attention he receives as a hero. Furthermore, after Beowulf heard Unferth’s unfriendly words, the hero begins to tell his side of the story. Beowulf communicates his feelings of anger when

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