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The movie “Silver Linings Playbook” is a movie about a man, Pat Solitano Jr., who deals with mental disabilities and is recovering from finding his wife cheating on him and loosing control on the man that was involved. Pat spends some time in a psychiatric hospital and then moves back into his parent’s, Patrizio and Dolores’ home. One of Pat’s friends, Ronnie and his wife Veronica invite him over for dinner to meet recently widowed Tiffany Maxwell, she also suffers from the mental harshness of loosing someone and can sympathize with many of the things that Pat encounters in life. They decide that the best way to do life with one another is to help each other become stronger in their obstacles. Pat wants to win back his wife and Tiffany needs a dance partner for a competition she wants to be involved in. All of these relationships bring something different to the table and offer many examples of the way relationships and communication work together. Pat and Ronnie have been friends for a while together now. When Pat is on one of his daily runs he passes by Ronnie who stops him to greet him due to the amount of time it had been, When Ronnie sees Pat he is so happy he could not stop smiling. Ronnie and Veronica know Pat’s estranged wife and he is hopeful…show more content…
Pat has a very aggressive communication style, when he would get mad there was a good chance that something was going to go wrong. The day that Pat found Nikki cheating on him, he nearly beat the man to death. He was not afraid to take control and show his anger in a non-healthy way. There is a lot of interpersonal conflict in the live of Pat; he creates walls in relationships by the way he deals with the issues of life. When conflict arises it does not always mean a bad thing, sometime it can grow relationships to encounter conflict. The realness of aggressive people is almost relevant to

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