Color-Blind Ideology

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This article examines the nature of young white youths practicing the culture of hip hop by observing their color-blind ideology. His opinion on color-blind ideology is that white people appropriate culture forms by removing the racial meaning from hip-hop and input their color-blind interpretations. Rodriquez used two techniques to analyze these youths: interviews and ethnographic methods, which extend its understanding of how these individuals appropriate the popular culture for their own desires. Rodriquez used interviews as a way to understand how white youths interpreted hip hop. His interviews discussed their interest in the hip hop culture, the production and consumption of hip hop between race, and their political views. His research examined two distinct ways of how white individuals appropriate culture into their own. The first being the individuals separating themselves from their culture towards black culture and second they give their own meaning to hip hop.…show more content…
Rodriquez would interview people at the concerts and revealed that these individuals would reference the rappers to express themselves. The evidence retrieved from the ethnographic procedures indicates white individuals take the opportunity to abduct the popular culture of hip hop and covers it as a color-blind ideology. The consumption of the hip hop culture revolves around the fashion styles, music, and language. This form of culture views these productions as “cool”. Following this culture is generally part of supporting its political values; it is seen as a color-blind ideology to the white individuals promoting hip hop. One of Rodriquez’s interviewees explains that when white people consume this culture, he fears that they will take hip-hop as their own. The cost of coolness has a price on its culture, the fear of cultural
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