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CONSERVATION PROJECT: ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION The Sierra Club There are many organization for different causes, this one in particular is known to be the most influential and largest grassroots organization. Grassroots means a very basic level of an organization or activity. The Sierra club was created in 1892 by a conservationist named John Muir. The Sierra Club helps protect millions of acres of wild life and passed quite a few acts that have benefited the world. Many people do not believe in the Sierra Club and have negative aspects toward the organization while others think the exact opposite. There are ways that the club can be changed to improve its ability to be able to…show more content…
There are some that do not particularly like the club because people believe that people it is all about the money. Workers from the Sierra Club think that all the people in high authority in the organization are just in it for the money and they are more focused in saving there job than the world. They higher unpaid interns and make them do most of the work while the important office people aren’t very interested in the latest project. Then there is others who think the organization is magnificent. Others say that the club is really trying to make an effort in the environment and they are passionate in what they are doing. I agree that the sierra Club is trying to make a difference in the world, not because of what people have said what the organization has done in total. They passed many acts and they are doing all they could on eliminating dirty fossil fuels. They seem focused on trying to make a difference which i found inspiring. If I could do anything to help advance this organization it would be to focus on the animals that are not just in the millions of the acres that they saved but also beyond that. Spreading the word of the club would be important to because it is important for people to know what the club is doing and what they have done to help the environment. The Sierra club helped pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. Those have made a big impact in the world because it has keep our essential resources clean and it has keep limited amount of species alive. Without these acts then every thing would be much dirtier and we could have lost many different animal species that might have been important to their community. The organization has also helped in the border that separates the US and Mexico. They would help

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