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Topic Paper #2 – Citizen Kane 1. These are the five major fact about the life of Charles Foster Kane: I. Charles Foster Kane’s death is ultimately the opening scene of the film. His name and legacy doesn’t die with him though, instead it lives through the stories of his friends and affectionate lovers. II. Kane is not a friendly individual, but Orson Welles’ direction and presentation of Kane makes him eventually drown in a sea of pathos and sympathy from the audience. III. Kane’s emptiness makes the audience feels some sympathy for him for example, the audience becomes aware that he prefers fill his emptiness with materialistic objects instead of realistic people. IV. Kane seemed committed to running his new first newspaper. As one of the audience members, it seemed that his main reason for becoming a newspaper man is to influence his egotistical social environment and political agenda so that he may be able to take complete power over it. V. Kane’s search for supremacy makes him egotistical and most importantly charismatic. His issue though is the he is like a weak magnet, he attracts friends and affectionate lovers but he ultimately repels them away from him. 2. One conflict is Kane’s actions that setup his attempt to regulate press reportage of his political career. Another conflict is…show more content…
The resolution for the first conflict is that Kane gets crushed by his political competitor, known by the name of Jim Gettys. Gettys influences a sub-conflict between Kane, Emily Monroe Norton Kane (Kane’s first wife), and Susan Alexander (his now-mistress and soon-to-be-second-wife) in hopes to kick out Kane from this competitive political race. Later Kane threatens to expose Gettys and attempt to send him to prison. Later the newspapers are packed with the news of Kane’s “love nest,” thereafter leading him to loose that political race to his competitor, Gettys. The resolution for the second conflict is that Kane makes the ultimate choice to leave Emily and marries

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