Should Young People Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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Should 16 and 17 year old citizens be allowed to vote? Annys Shin the writer for the article Takoma Park 16-year-old savors his history-making moment at the polls discusses the experience for Ben Miller a 16 year old along with 350 students that attend Montgomery Blair high school who were granted the right to vote. The Montgomery County community are one of the first nations to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 years old. Around 350 teens were granted an opportunity to go out and cast their vote at the Takoma Park community center. I agree with the voting age to be changed to 16 to 17 year olds. I believe by allowing those of a younger age to go out and vote will be a privilege and a right that 16-17 year olds can take on. The reason being is because those who are 16-17 and in school are very educated especially in the history class to understand what's going on in politics and the economy. We as teens who are of age 16-17 are not so different then if we were 18. We have the same education as those who are registered to vote and have a much greater opinion on who we like and who we would vote for being the reason since we talk…show more content…
“younger people barely old enough to drive a car don’t have enough perspective to vote”(Shin) I believe that we do have a great perspective because we are as educated as any other 18 or 20 year old who is out voting. We as young individuals are more likely to increase the voting percentage because we have a voice and our own opinion to who we would want for our country. Others might argue and say “older more experienced voters.” (Shin) I disagree because really no one is an experienced voter just because they vote so many times I don't believe counts as an “experienced voter”. What I think does matter is how much the person knows about who they are voting for and I believe that younger individuals have a really big part on who is running for

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