Fugitive Recovery Research Paper

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Bounty hunting, more properly defined as fugitive recovery, is an electrifying and high risk-high reward career path that requires discipline and mental fortitude. What is a fugitive recovery agent exactly? Well a fugitive recovery agent is a person hired by a bail bond company to act as their agent to effectively apprehend the fugitive that has failed to appear in court and/or violated their release conditions or bail bond agreement. A career in fugitive recovery requires one to fulfill several prerequisites depending on the path that the State Of Texas requires you to do. Prior to choosing a path to become a bounty hunter one must have obtained a certificate, associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field.…show more content…
Paths two and three require that you become a commissioned security officer or licensed private investigator in Texas by completing thirty hours of Level 2, 3 or Level 4 PSB (Private Security Board)-approved training. Once you’ve chosen a path to become a Fugitive Recovery Agent, depending on what path you’ve chosen will determine what the next step is, for example through the Peace Officer path you must complete a multiple choice exam, whilst through the Commissioned Security Officer or Private Investigator route simply requires you to pass the thirty hours of Level 2, 3 or Level 4 PSB-approved training. Once all of the pre-requisites are completed, all you simply have to do is submit an application to the Texas DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety), and if everything is approved you can now legally bounty hunt in…show more content…
The Texas government affects the field of fugitive recovery in many ways, particularly how a bounty hunter conducts their search and apprehension of fugitives. For example, as stated under Texas Law, that “Sec. 1702.3867. Execution of Capias or Arrest Warrant; Offense. A private executing an arrest warrant on behalf of a bail bond surety may not execute the warrant without written authorization from the bail bondsman, wear, carry, or display any uniform, badge, shield, or other insignia that implies that the private investigator is an employee, officer, or agent of the federal government, state government, but a private investigator may display identification that indicates that the person is acting on behalf of a bail bond surety, and lastly may not enter a residence without the consent of the occupants.” (Texas Laws. Texas Bounty Hunters. n.d. Web. 14 Nov.

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