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Unit 4 Written Homework Assignment P4-1 Starbuck is using three types of departmentalization, which are functional structure, geographical, and product structure. They are using the functional structure by grouping jobs according to their functions. For example, Starbucks has 6 chief officers, 7 executive vice president, 3 group president, and 2 manage in director along with several partners. The executive president are responsible for all aspects of coffee category, innovation, education, and engagement. The presidents also manage the company’s global safety, and security functions. The chief officers are responsible for Starbucks supply chain, mobile, and digital platforms. Starbucks is using the geographical structure by assigning chief officers, and presidents to different geographical areas. For instance, President and Chief Cliff Burrow is responsible for Starbucks in U.S.A., while President John Culver is responsible for Starbucks in China/Asia. Last but not least, Starbucks is using product structure by having two different line of products, such as having Starbucks where it…show more content…
If the district manager has too many stores that he or she is responsible for, then the district manager will not have enough time to give each store its proper time, and focus to solve problems, and increase productivity. The disadvantage of having too many managers is the span of control. The top manager will now have a lot more managers reporting back to him or to her, which it will make it harder to keep control, unless if the company becomes more of decentralized rather than centralized company. Meaning, with a decentralized company, the managers at lower level such as the district managers will have more control, and they could make decisions themselves, rather than reporting to a top manager and waiting for

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