Should Parents Be Allowed To Have Vaccinations Be Forced Upon Parents?

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Should vaccinations of any sort be forced upon parents? A vaccination has been known to help children from getting the flu, or dying. But what about the vaccinations that did more harm than good? A parent should not be forced to have their child vaccinated, by the government forcing them to have their child vaccinated goes against the first amendment. By forcing a parent to get her child vaccinated goes against the parent’s first amendment rights, and its their choice they are the child's parents. When looking at medicine bottles you’ll see possible side effects, or after you get a vaccination the doctor might look at you and say “hey congratulations you made it thru the vaccinations, but before you got the vaccination I forgot to mention the possible side effects.” Children early on even threw their adult years can have allergies to various items from food to medicine to the outside world. Many parents of whom have children with allergies do not always know what is exactly in their child's vaccinations, or if there…show more content…
There are children out there who are born with allergies that if they might come into contact with peanuts it could end up being fatal especially if there is no medicine around for the child to take, parents are always so cautious when it comes to vaccinations why aren’t the parents concerns and decisions respected? The CDC is The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has a lot to say about vaccinations. There has been several reports of sickness after a vaccination, “The CDC reported that pneumonia can be caused by the chickenpox vaccination.” There are many vaccinations that the outcome is very great, but

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