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The Experience of Busch Stadium A St. Louis Cardinals baseball game played at Busch Stadium appeals to every human sense. From the beautiful scenery, to the crack of the bat, to the roar of the crowd. Every aspect of the stadium and the talent of the athletes combine to provide a wonderful experience. Beginning at the first pitch and continuing until the bottom of the ninth, Busch stadium and the Cardinals both entertain and awe the fans in attendance. The sights, smells, sounds, and tastes are experiences that any fan will never forget. The beautiful experience of observing a Cardinals baseball game begins, sadly, with the parking lot. Once parked, spectators then make their way to the gates of the stadium, and hopefully avoid the sketchy…show more content…
For each crack of the bat that rattles throughout the stadium, there is always a reaction heard from the incredible hometown crowd. The fans of Cardinal baseball are among the most enthusiastic in the country. Currently the Cardinals are a very good baseball team, as the have won the World Series multiple times in the last couple of years. Due to their success, fans have only become more devoted, and the team’s success has drew in a larger number of overall support. On top of the number of people in attendance, and how devout and just plain loud these fans can get, then added on top of that is the fact that every sound coming from each person is magnified by the massive walls of the stadium, causing the whole surrounding area to vibrate. The effect is similar to a non-electrified megaphone. Each individual sound that is the basis of the crowds’ going wild also demands the observer's attention. Each crack of the bat is so distinctive, and a fairly experienced observer can tell how hard or far the ball was hit with their eyes closed. Even then, if the observer is still unsure, then he or she could listen for the reaction of the anxious crowd. Another favorite sound of Cardinal fans and baseball fans everywhere are the sounds of the organ playing traditional baseball songs. Such as “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” and “Here Comes the King”. Other…show more content…
A warm summer night is at the heart of baseball. Although the humid, moist, and somewhat hot summer air can cause the spectator to feel uncomfortable and sweaty, most St. Louis fans could not care less for the slight uncomfort in order to cheer on their beloved Cardinals. After the baseball game is over, and especially if the game was more exiting toward the end than average, then the spectators will leave Busch Stadium exhausted. The emotional bond to the game becomes incredibly strong to any fan that takes that games even halfway serious. On most nights, the “good guys” will take the victory and leave the fans with feeling of excitement and happiness. However on the other hand, if the Cardinals lose a tough game, then the fans might leave with a sour taste in their mouths, and feelings of disappointment and even worry might consume a livid Cardinal

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