Should Felons Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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In today’s society many people such as convicted felons lose their right to vote. In most states felons are not allowed to vote while still in prison. In other states they lose the right to vote forever. In Maine and Vermont everyone is allowed to vote, while in Iowa, Kentucky, and Florida permanently bar people with felony convictions from voting. Why should felons be allowed to vote inside and outside of prison? Allowing felons to vote would not only help end felony disenfranchisement, it will also reintroduce them into society and help the community by strengthening its voting base. Felons should be allowed to vote inside and outside of prison because they are still a part of society. They still have to pay taxes regardless of what crime they did.…show more content…
According to Jonah A. Siegel “African American men are disenfranchised at a rate seven times greater than the national average and up to 25 percent will never vote again.” Allowing felons, the right to vote would reintroduce them into society by giving them a second chance. Currently, if someone in Maryland is convicted of a felony, they are not able to register to vote during the rest of their term, which includes incarceration, probation and parole. According to the Brennan Center of Justice, “more than 110,000 Maryland residents were disenfranchised due to felony convictions, one out of every 37 residents.” The amount of convicted felons in Maryland is not as high as other states but it still can take away from the political party when the time comes to vote. Many people believe once a person has done wrong they will always be a wrongful person. They don’t believe a second chance should be given if you destroy the first chance you receive. According to Otis Kramer and Heather Newton, “Convicted felons should lose their right to vote-even after serving a prison sentence-for their failure to obey the laws of

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