Against Legalizing Prostitution: Annotated Bibliography

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Legalization of Prostitution Annotated Bibliography Mrozek, Andrea. "Why I'm Against Legalizing Prostitution." The Huffington Post. Huffington Post, 19 Feb. 2014. Web. 29 Nov. 2015. The legalization of prostitution isn’t merely just a battle between morals, it is a battle between our society. Those who support the legalization are considered “immoral” or “harlots” and those against are considered “prudish”. However, there is a common ground between them. Both sprout from laws that were put in place ages ago. Yet, the ones against put forth the valid point that prostitutes are not “entrepreneurs”. This article is a current source, considering it was updated last year following the judgment of Canada’s laws. The source is credible…show more content…
But the girls working at Talitha Kum are the exact opposite underneath those little pieces of material. Talitha Kum is an organization of 1,100 religious sisters who work undercover, as prostitutes, to help rescue human sex slaves in poor countries. They work to save those innocent and unfortunate women and children who were forced into sexual slavery. This article was published on the internet 12 days prior to the due date and is current. It is reliable because its author is Ellen Wulfhorst, the chief correspondent of the Thomas Reuters Foundation, whose employer held the Trust Women’s Conference on women’s rights and trafficking. The research is objective because it is not picking a side. It is merely informing people about Talitha Kum and their efforts. The facts are well documented with many sources and evidence.n The author is Ellen Wulfhorst, the chief correspondent for the Thomas Reuters Foundation who works a lot with human trafficking. She is qualified in this subject since her job is gathering information about subjects and informing the public. This article is scholarly because it is providing nothing but information. This article is helpful for my research because it shows that some women and children are forced to become sex slaves and prostitutes willingly decide to sell their bodies to strangers for profit. This is a helpful source because I can use it as additional evidence to back up my claim. This article provides the information in a concise and straight-forward type of way. This article talks about Talitha Kum exclusively. This article doesn't help to narrow my topic but can be used as additional support for my

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