How Did Truman's Decision To Drop The Bomb In Japan

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Harriet Truman's decision to drop two atomic bombs in the country of japan on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was unjustified for a number of reasons; For starters japan was already beat it was just a waiting game before japan ran out of war supplies, and had the army, supplies, and strength to win the war. Another reason is because of Trumans scare tactics to raise death tolls after invasions because he was set on dropping the bombs. Finally we didn't need to launch the bomb in japan we used that to not only to win the war but also to use it as a scare tactic against Russia and prevent them from even entering the war in japan for post war causes. For starters the war in japan was over from the beginning, when the declaration of war against japan…show more content…
Truman was dead set on dropping the atomic bombs, when information emerged about predicted death tolls some generals would have predicted low numbers like 200,000 lost men and then Truman would come along predicting high numbers like 500,000 dead men. Why would he predict such overly estimated numbers in comparison to generals on standby to raid japan? the answer to this is easy, he wants those bombs dropped in the worst way, he needs to look good to the american public and to them he needs to make the right decisions, after all he is the president so he knows what's best for all of us right? wrong he is doing this for himself, telling the public that close to 1 million people will die during a raid is a scary thought “DROP THE BOMB” was what the average american citizen would have wanted after knowing a lot of us would have died. truman raised his numbers in an attempt to lie to us to show he was making the right decision, after all was he? look at all the destruction we have made in japan now with after war effects, radiation, destruction of food, and water, cancer, and many other new ways of not being able to survive. even tho we saved many american lives was it worth it to leave japan in this mess with destruction and new
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