The Relationship Between Hannibal And Jack Crawford

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How will you describe the relationship between Hannibal and Jack Crawford? In season one, the relationship between Hannibal and Jack is good. They start out professionally, as colleagues, but their relationship soon evolves to something more similar to friendship. One can see this in the numerous meals they share together. At first, it seems like there is a battle for dominance between them. Jack Crawford is the head of the FBI Behavioural Science Unit and he therefore sees himself as having the authority in most situations. This authority is questioned in the first meeting between Hannibal and Jack, when Hannibal makes Jack wait outside his office, even though he is not with a patient. However, as soon as Jack starts treating Hannibal the way he feels he deserves, they develop a mutual respect. The relationship between them grows even stronger as Hannibal starts treating Bella, Jack’s dying wife. It also seems like Jack uses Hannibal as his own psychiatrists, as he frequently visits Lecter to vent about Will Graham.…show more content…
As Alana Bloom said in season one, “if someone were using manipulative methods to subvert your sense of control, you may not realise it until those methods are pointed out to you.” It seems as if Hannibal cares little about Jack. Jack frequently shares his opinion and point of view with Hannibal, but Hannibal scarcely reciprocates. Hannibal is more interested in Will Graham. If Hannibal discards the friendship with Jack, Jack might start suspecting Hannibal is involved with the murders. He therefore has to stay on Jack’s good

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