How Does Jem Change In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, the character Jeremy Finch goes through noticeable changes throughout the book that create a dramatic plot line throughout. Some of these noticeable changes are him seeing Arthur Radley for who he is, transitioning into a pubescent boy with courage, and finally Jem matures into a boy who understand the world around him. Early in the story, Jem and Dill go to the Radley house to find out if they can draw out Boo Radley, Arthur Radley, to get a closer look at what he really looks like. When they get there they are scared away “We ran back and found him struggling in the fence, kicking his pants off to get loose. He ran to the oak tree in his shorts,” by the radley house. As they try to escape Jem loses his pants and later comes back to the house to find that his pants were mended by someone and folded on the fence. Jem slowly starts to develop a suspicion that maybe Boo did it, leading to him realizing that he indeed is a good person indeed. This is especially shown in chapter 7 when the hole in the tree is filled by Nathan Radley, Jem realizes that Boo is good and only wanted to communicate with him by giving him what he could, but Jem realizes he never gave anything in return. It is not until later in the story that everyone in the town realizes that Boo is a good man trying to make it in the world.…show more content…
Jem shows courage by talking to his father in a way that no child ever should. He begins by addressing him as “Atticus,” and then proceeding to say "How could they do it, how could they?" Later, he stands up for his father by not leaving the jail even though there is a lynch mob directly in front of him. He stands up for his Father and his sister in many circumstances just to protect who he
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