How To Increase Amnesia In Memento Mori

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The short story “Memento Mori” written by Jonathan Nolan published in 2001 is about a man named, Earl, who suffers from anterograde amnesia, a condition in which his brain cannot make new memories. A tragic accident caused by an unknown figure involving the death of Earl’s wife put him in this current state. In the short story Nolan takes readers through the life of Earl as he searches for the murderer of his wife with the help of post-it notes and tattoos to guide him along his journey. Nolan starts off with Earl reading a note he left himself. As he wakes up, Nolan then takes readers into Earl’s typical day-by-day routine. We come to find out that Earl’s illness has lead him to a mental institution and that he lives his life based solely…show more content…
We learned how to improvise and work with what we had for this film. There’s a cut that breaks between the close-up shot of the alarm and Earl walking over to cut it off. In the film we use shallow focus making the alarm visibly clear and making the background where Earl was looking out of the window blurry, it then clears up and we get a medium long shot of Earl from the knees up making the background visible. The shallow focus on the alarm clock as it’s going off signifies the importance of the alarm by showing the audience that Earl’s life basically revolves around it. Earl then begins walking over to the alarm to cut it off; here is where we get a side view of the alarm. We didn’t show the front of it like we did in the close-up because it wasn’t in the same location. We couldn’t reach the outlet to plug it up but we still wanted to make it seem like the alarm clock was on that desk when Earl walked over to cut it off. We were only working with that side of the room so we didn’t want to confuse the audience with a change of location. So in order to fix that we got a close-up of the alarm and Earl’s hands turning off the alarm that way the audience couldn’t tell it was plugged up in a different location. There were also some other minor things that we had to work around for instance, the cigarette. The cigarette played a big role in both the short story, “Memento Mori” and the movie, Memento, which was directed by Christopher Nolan in 2001. In our film we did a close-up shot of a note, saying, “ Cigarette? Check for lit ones first, stupid.” This is where we decided to use Earl’s illness to our advantage. Our alternative to lighting the cigarette was making it seem as if Earl had misplaced his lighter due to his

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