Comparing Women In The Yellow Wallpaper And The Story Of An Hour

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Back in the 19th Century, women weren’t exactly treated and viewed the way they are today. During this period in our history, women were in a lower social class compared to men and were seen as being worth no more than the clothes on their backs. In order for women to get their point across that gender inequality needs to stop and that they deserve just as much rights as men had, they would protest and organize movements, but not all women did this. Women such as Kate Chopin, who wrote “The Story of an Hour”, and Charles Perkins Gilman, who wrote “ The Yellow Wallpaper”, wrote short stories to give a deeper meaning to gender roles in our society then, and today. In these short stories, although different, they both use theme, tone and mood to touch up on a lot of viewpoints that are similar and connect each story to one another on how women and men played a role in society.…show more content…
In “The Story of an Hour”, we are introduced to a women by the name of Mrs. Mallard who has a heart disease and who’s husband has “died” in an apparent train accident. We find out in the story that she’s in pain and suffering, but not because of her illness, but because of her husband. As she reflects over her husband’s death, she softly says, “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free!” Such as that example, there’s a lot of imagery throughout the story that hints that, considering gender roles at this time, her husband wasn’t exactly “family friendly”(possibly abusive) and emphasized how Mrs. Mallard was feeling imprisoned, not being able to live her life and just doing everything in her power to be set

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