Short Story: Reaching Out A Dream In MBN

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Reaching Out a Dream in BUMN Abdullah Nasir, 21 years old, the 49th alumnus of SMKN 7 Semarang, indeed tough young man who never give up on his dreams. In the future, he wants to take a part in infrastructure development in Indonesia, so he decided to learn more about building construction engineering in his school. Like other SMK graduates, he chose to work first before continuing his study. Luckily, he got a job offer from State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) after his graduation ceremony. Because of his interest in gaining new knowledge and experience as well as the wellbeing that has been promised, he gladly accepted it. He hopes that his later income can be used to build career at a better pace. One of his dreams is to create his own CV that can absorb labors to reduce unemployment. Now, he works as an OS employee at PT. Waskita Karya. He has gotten a position in the Casting Division of Quality…show more content…
He tries to be an independent man who always find a way and solve all problems by himself. He knows what his family expects from him and what burdens on shoulder he has to bear. Therefore, as much as possible he himself overcomes it alone. In reducing some burdens on his mind, he chooses to play football with his friends, playing guitar, and listening to music. Although he has experienced some failures in his study in the past (his study time was delayed for a year in elementary school and a year in high school), he keeps moving towards his dreams. He believes that each failure in our life is the best lesson for us. It is like a hand that slaps us hard to realize the mistakes we have done before. The failure awakens him to fix his past events. Getting higher position and studying at university are two of his dreams. For that reason, he plans to save money and take a Saturday-Sunday class at a private university. However, for now he prefers to focus on the projects he is working on together with his QC

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